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The Nani Moon Mead Collection

Our Collection

Nani Moon Mead honey wines are hand crafted with the finest Hawaiian raw honey, without sulfites and other chemical additives.   Enjoy right off the shelf, no aging necessary. Enjoy chilled, in the same style as a white wine, with pupus (appetizers), and fresh island cuisine or on it’s own while watching an island sunset or moonrise.

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Buzz Squared

Smooth & Rich ~ ABV 12% 750ml

lakasNectar_339x333From the volcanic slopes of the Big Island, we bring you Buzz Squared. Crafted from Kona Coffee and organic local honey, this mead has a smooth, rich finish that is sure to become addictive… The perfect excuse to drink mead at breakfast!

Pineapple Lime

Dry, Medium-Bodied, Fruity ~ ABV 12% 750ml

pineappleGuavaSunset_339x335A refreshing blend of Kaua’i grown Tahitian limes, sun ripened pineapple and island blossom honey. Tropical and fruit forward perfect for sunny days at the beach and lighter island fare. Serve chilled or on the rocks. ABV 12% 750ml

Winter Sun

Our Current Featured Mead!

Full Bodied, Smooth ~ ABV 12% 750ml

winterSun_339x325Crafted from Kaua’i wildflower honey, starfruit and lilikoi (passionfruit) Winter Sun offers a balance between tropical fruit and caramelized bourbon undertones. Serve chilled with barbecue and heavier island cuisine or at room temperature with Fall and Winter comfort foods. ABV 12% 750ml

Ginger Spice

Dry, Full-Bodied, Complex ~ ABV 12% 750ml

gingerSpice_339x339A more traditional style of mead, Ginger Spice is crafted with Kaua’i wildflower honey, starfruit, organic raw ginger and winter spices. A unique complexity from the spices combines with the bright acidity of the starfruit to create a honey wine that is perfect any time of year and exceptional with holiday cuisine. Serve chilled or at room temperature. ABV 12% 750ml

Cacao Moon

Semi-Sweet, Smooth, Decadent ~ ABV 13% 750ml

cacaoMoon_339x343Handcrafted from macadamia nut blossom honey, and organic Kaua’i cacao and vanilla beans, Cacao Moon is a blessing from Hawai’i. Hints of chocolate and vanilla blend perfectly to create a smooth, semi-sweet honey wine. Nicknamed the ‘panty dropper’ by the locals, this mead is sure to bring romance under the moonlit sky! ABV 13%. 750ml

Deviant Beehavior

Semi-Sweet & Spicy ~ ABV 13% 750ml

deviantBeehavior_339x337Our latest release, now available in limited quantities.
Crafted from Kauai wildflower honey, Hawaiian chili pepper & organic white pineapple, this sweet and spicy mead has rightfully earned it’s nickname “The Local Boy”! Lots of complex chili and vegetal components to nicely balance the presences of pineapple with hints of allspice, maple syrup, mango chutney, fragrant white flowers and cacao. Enjoy with island style poke, a thick (grass fed) steak, coconut curry and other heavy creamy dishes or rich dark chocolate.

Local style; crafted from Kaua’i wildflower honey, pineapple and Hawaiian chili pepper, this sweet and spicy mead is essential summer libation! Delicious chilled or on the rocks. 13% ABV 22oz

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