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What is Mead?

The Nectar of Lure, Love & Legends.


It’s not beer… it’s not wine… it’s MEAD!

What is Mead?


In it’s most simple form, is an alcoholic beverage that is fermented with honey, water and yeast. This formula, more commonly known as a ‘traditional’ or ‘show’ mead is just one style in an ancient and resurrecting craft beverage where the varieties are endless. Although, by definition, the primary fermentable sugar in mead is honey, mead can be crafted with fruits, spices, and even grains. Mead can also have a wide range in alcohol by volume (ABV) from 6% upwards of 16%.

Although many assume all Meads are sweet, conjuring up images of a syrupy beverage only served at renaissance festivals, mead varieties are as versatile as any wine or beer. We love to educate, inspire, and deliver a mead which breaks all the stereotypes!

MEAD… Nectar of the God-dess…

Mead, honey wine,  is considered to be the oldest alcoholic beverage in recorded history, with origins in European, African, and Asian societies dating back 6,000 years. Where there were bees and honey, mead could be, and was, made.

Every culture had their own style of mead, where regional honey was fermented with seasonal fruit and spices. Many believed that mead was the ancient form of medicine, as healing herbs could be infused in the mead to enable preventative and healing effects. Although bees are not native to Hawai’i, we have continued the tradition of this ancient craft, using only locally sourced ingredients, with absolutely no chemical additives. The purity and simplicity of our meads can be enjoyed throughout the day and into the twilight…

What is Mead?
What is Mead?

MEAD is for Lovers…

The legend of the ‘Honeymoon’ originates from a couple enjoying mead, honey wine, during the wedding ceremony and for one full moon cycle after their wedding to promote fertility and prosperity. Many variations if this legend have circulated throughout history, one bring if the bride were to bear her first son nine months after marriage, the mead maker was complemented on it’s quality. The full moon closest to the summer solstice is known as the ‘Mead Moon’.  Ancient rituals suggest drinking mead under the ‘Mead Moon’ will promote healing, fertility and prosperity throughout the year.

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