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Daniel V.

“I moseyed into Nani Moon one day after hearing about it from some friends and seeing it on some store shelves, without really knowing what to expect. I’ve been to some other tastings before for Beer, Wine, and Spirits, but had never really explored Mead (honey wine). From the moment I walked in until the moment I left I was treated like family. Such a warm and welcoming atmosphere with engaging and informed staff.

I was even lucky enough to get to sit down with the owner and founder to talk about the history of the meadery, the origins, motivation, and all the ins and outs of the mead industry.

Whether you live near Kapa’a or are just visiting, this is certainly a destination to add to your list. Strongly recommend trying out Deviant Beehavior and Winter Sun (although all of the meads were just fantastic).”

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Jack-Daniyel S.

“This is a quaint little meadery in a little strip mall. There are 5 stools at the bar and a few high tables. It’s cool, mellow, dark and mood lit (totally unlike the bright sun you’re coming in from).

We shared a tasting flight and it was well worth the experience. This mead is very local, as the honey, fruits and spices come from Kauai or the Big Island. Our favorite was the Deviant Beehavior. It was sweet and spicy. The mild heat lingers for a while.

Definitely something to check off your “to-do” list, if you want to spend an hour relaxing out of the crazy Kapa’a traffic.”

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“What a lovely place, with lovely mead, run by a lovely lady! I am so glad we stopped. This is a small, family oriented business that oozes the vibe that makes Kauai the gem that it is…a focus on health, local ingredients, and pride in craftsmanship.

Chances are good that you will be served by the master meadstress herself, and she will spend plenty of time with you, explaining mead if you’re unfamiliar, detailing each variety, etc. If you order any pupus, you’ll enjoy more yumminess made from their mead and honey.

Mead is not a typical wine, so don’t go in expecting a typical wine tasting. I believe this is where most of the less positive reviews originated. While mead is technically “honey wine,” it is not made to taste like grape based wines. Go in with an open mind and enjoy a true Kauai experience. You might even learn something!

I fell in love with the Deviant Beehavior, and the pepper jelly made with this mead. Oh, luggage weight limits be damned!! I will savor the one bottle I am bringing home, along with the memories of our visit to the meadery.”

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